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We serve the populations in Franklin County, Adams County, Fulton County and beyond.

Every day we offer budgeting and financial management counseling services to low-income people who have fallen into difficulty. So often, simple attention to finances would likely have kept many from becoming desperate and going over the edge. Bringing them back from the abyss saves heartaches, saves families, and even saves souls. It also helps to reduce the economic stress on the greater community as well. Despite our efforts, and those of a variety of agencies, a portion of the population sometimes falls through the cracks. They are repeatedly in crisis because of poverty, the lack of skills, poor financial management, and other circumstances. The saddest cases involve children - young people who sometimes live on the streets, in cars, or in homeless and domestic violence shelters. Efforts to help these families often become splintered. Reasons unique to each family unit make rehabilitation difficult and result in repeated failures.

Having seen this pattern over and over we conceived a plan called Total Person Transitional Housing Program (TPTHP) . The heart of the plan involves matching a trained volunteer mentor with the family in need who befriends the distressed family and gives them unrelenting support. The mentor is backed by a professional case manager and virtually every experienced support agency in our community. This lifts the family out of poverty by resolving the unique problems which contributed to their desperation and homelessness. Eventually, the program will require the addition of a volunteer coordinator and secretarial support to aid the case manager. This kind of concentrated support will permit services to only the neediest of families. Its concentrated intensity will allow for the service of three families and then move to eight families in the future. We're committed to offering quality assistance to families in need within our community.

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